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Simmondsia chinensis, a shrub that grows naturally in North American deserts, is the source of jojoba oil. In addition to being used on its own or as a carrier oil in lotions, moisturisers, lip balms, cleansers, and face masks, jojoba oil is the liquid extraction of jojoba seeds. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and loaded with antioxidants.

Advantages of jojoba oil for the skin and hair:

  1. hydrates dry skin
  2. makes tough cuticles softer
  3. heals sunburns
  4. bacterial resistance
  5. increases skin glow
  6. removes wrinkles and fine lines
  7. reduces eczema on skin

Advantages of using jojoba oil on hair:

  1. hydrates hair
How to use:
It can be used as an anti-aging serum on your face before bed or as a lip balm to moisturise dry, chapped lips. Jojoba oil is safe to use around your eyes and can be combined with other all-natural products to battle acne to create a DIY mask treatment.


On your skin, test the oil first. Despite being hypoallergenic, jojoba oil occasionally has unfavorable effects like itchiness or redness. To ensure that the oil won't trigger an allergic reaction, test it on a small patch of skin.

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