About us

Cikitsa, a fast growing manufacturer of nature based cosmetics and hair oil, was founded by Fazal Rahman & Thamanna in 2020, the very year they got married.

The secret behind Cikitsa’s fast growth is relentless commitment to quality achieved through well researched natural products designed to meet the cosmetic/protectant needs. Having started with Cikitsa, the journey is so important for us, as much as for the products too, that the trust and quality can never be compromised. Thus, we start with sourcing of raw materials only from trustworthy sources all the way through meticulous manufacturing and packaging process. Rest assured that every Cikitsa product is designed and manufactured with the best coupled with tested and trusted methods that you can count on.

Founder Fazal Rahman was born in Cochin Kerala is a BBM graduate from Chinmaya vidyapeet. After graduation, he chose to enter into family business, dealing with Aluminium and Steel. However, being an entrepreneur who was so passionate to do something that add value, he started exploring the opportunities to diveresify. It was then when he came across the endless possibilities of Ayurveda and its benefits in cosmetics. Thus, he collaborated with experts, Ayurvedic doctors and started as a research that turned out to be a project study. Coincided with market demand for purely nature based products and unconditional support from the better half Thamanna, time was ripe for Fazal Rahman. Thus, founding of Cikitsa in 2020.

Together, they pledged to offer nature’s goodness, rare herbs and blends in the form of affordable products to the customers and help alleviate problems without harmful effects.

Our services

We in cikitsa constantly research about how to provide a superior customer experience using our essential and non-essential products. Researching each and every aspects and contents throughout.