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Cikitsa Herbal Shampoo

Introducing Cikitsa herbal Shampoo Cream based mild shampoo for everyday use.

A shampoo and conditioner for everyday use that is packed with nourishing Hibiscus and Neem extracts that tone and clear greasy scalp without robbing it of necessary moisture. Hibiscus thoolini and purifying properties invigorate the scalp and promote hair development. Refreshing aloe Vera stimulates the scalp, acts as a natural antimicrobial, and gives hair back its naturally healthy shine. a herbal mixture that, with each wash, organically cleanses, nourishes, and protects hair. A gentle hair and scalp cleanser that naturally nourishes and energizes oily and greasy hair for a thorough yet revitalizing hair wash.


  • contains hibiscus and aloevera, which alleviate oiliness and clear the scalp to relieve greasy hair.
  • elements in this Shampoo energise the body and mind while the herbal blend deeply cleanses and nourishes the hair.

Quantity 100 ml

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