Use Almond Oil to get radiant and glowing skin

Cikitsa almond oil is a multi-purpose product as it has numerous benefits. Made using the

best quality sweet almonds, this essential oil can be used by everyone irrespective of the

age groups. This versatile product is 100% organic, and is made using the cold-pressing

technique thus, extremely healthy and nourishing. It is an ideal choice for babies, massaging

your munchkin’s body with this oil regularly would help in retaining the suppleness. The

Vitamin-E present in these sweet almonds penetrates into the deeper layers of the derma,

and nourishes it from within. Vitamin-E also moisturizes the derma, and keeps it soft at all


Almond oil from Cikitsa is a great source of antioxidants, using it regularly as part of the skin

care routine can help in preventing aging issues. Wrinkles, crow feet, and fine lines can be

eliminated as it tightens the skin, and helps in staying youthful. Blemishes and scars from

the face can also be removed by regular application of these essentials thus, it is mostly

used in many spas and aroma therapy centers for massages. Massaging the scalp with this

oil is also practiced massively as it results in shiny and long hair. It works as a natural

conditioner, and softens the tresses. It keeps the scalp hydrated, and fights against dandruff

and dryness effectively.

Cikitsa almond oil is also used for eye massage as it is known to increase the blood

circulation. A gentle massage around the eyes for 5-6 minutes can help in reducing the dark

circles and crow feet effectively. It also keeps the health of the eyes intact by reducing the

stress and strain created. This 100 ml bottle is a perfect companion for all mothers as they

can be used as a multi-purpose product for their little ones. Get one of these cold-pressed

almond oil from Cikitsa right away, and boost the health of your skin and hair.

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