Massage your baby with almond oil every day

Regular body massage for babies is essential for their growth. It not only comforts the body

and helps him to relax but also ensures the strengthening of bones and muscles. Among all

the oils used for infants and toddlers, nothing beats the effectiveness of almond oil.

A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, the almond oil has Vitamin A, D, and E,

oleic acid, ursolic acid, and linoleic acid in abundance. It also comprises zinc, magnesium,

and potassium. It is less greasy and light, so washing or wiping it off post-massage is super

seamless. As it is light and non-sticky, it doesn’t clog the pores of the baby’s skin. Thus, the

infant’s skin can breathe comfortably after a massage. It is perhaps the best moisturizing

element for newborns and can be applied before or after a bath. Being rich in linoleic and

oleic acid, it works as a natural emollient. Thus, it moist and softens the tender skin. The

ursolic and oleic work as anti-inflammatory agents and heals skin cells and irregularities.

Almond oil is known for quick absorption, so it keeps the skin moisturized for long hours. It

is a magic cure for dry and flaky skin. It is perhaps the best moisturizer for your baby.

Regular massage by a trained caregiver promotes blood circulation and comforts his limb

and arms. It even relaxed strained muscles. Even it makes the baby sleep comfortably.

Though there are two variants, the sweet and the bitter, it is always advisable to massage

with sweet oil. This sweet variant is edible, hence completely safe for babies. This comes

with a pleasant aroma and even works as a natural sunscreen agent.

Give a relaxing massage to your little one every day, with sweet almond oil for ultimate soft

and glowing skin.

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