Enjoy a spoonful of honey every day: Strengthen immune power in no time

A dash of honey on the pancake or spreading it on the toast enhances the flavor and taste of

the dish. But do you know honey has a spectrum of health benefits as well?

Raw honey is loaded with a host of essential nutrients and minerals, like phytonutrients, it is

also rich in anti-oxidants and comes with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Thus,

unfiltered and unpasteurized honey boosts the immunity system from within. Consume a

spoonful every day and you will experience a drastic drop in the frequency of occurrence of

cold, flu conditions, and other diseases. The phytonutrient content of honey has natural

combatting power and can keep disease-causing germs, and bacteria at bay. These

constituents release antioxidants and are the unconquered champions in the fighting of

diseases. The raw form of honey is sage for kids and adults. All you need to do is include a

spoonful for each to your daily diet regime and see the result in no time.

Irregular lifestyle, imbalanced diet, and mental stress lead to severe physical conditions and

one such is the release of innumerable reactive molecules of oxidants. These oxidants attack

the healthy cells and result in the generation of free radicals that causes all kinds of

ailments. Now here raw honey plays a vital role. Loaded with 16 anti-oxidants, it targets and

prevents the release of free radicals and the oxidation process, thereby not letting disease

occur. The raw honey sends out anti-bacterial agents to the problem area and kickstarts the

healing process. Specifically for cold and flu, it forms a dense coating over the mucous

membrane and soothes the aching throat magically.

Stir it in tea, or sizzle it over pancake and toast to pamper your taste buds. Enjoy a spoonful

of this magic item and see amazing lifestyle and health changes in no time.

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